Frequently Asked Questions

What's a Reagan Democrat?  Are you a Democrat, Republican or Independent?

Yes, I have been all three!

Come on, I'm busy and just want a label so I can move on.  Which party?

I'm formally running as a Democrat.  A lot of people urged me to run as a Republican.  My family has been Republican since my great-grandfather, John Wellington, ran for highway commissioner in Lapeer over 100 years ago.  It was the party of Lincoln after all.  Unfortunately, I don't think that party really exists anymore.  I wouldn't meet the Republican litmus test because I believe the Federal government should allow states to legalize marijuana and I support ALL of our Constitutional rights.  I would refuse to cut Social Security and Medicare for our seniors.  And if we could cut other Federal spending by $8 for every $1 in tax increases on the wealthiest Americans, I would vote for that legislation.  Any responsible congressman should be willing to consider balanced budget proposals and, if they don't, they're not fit for the job.  We need leaders today, not robots!

Running as an Independent sounds great at first, but in our current two-party system it would be a real long shot.

I acknowledge the Democratic Party also leaves a lot to be desired.  As a newcomer to politics, I don't owe anything to Nancy Pelosi or the Democratic Party.  I will be criticized for being too conservative because I'm a gun owner, believe abortion should be rare, and want to balance the budget. But what could be more fun than waking up every morning and being a headache for Congressional leadership as I push for change.  I believe what is best for the 10th District is having a Democratic congressman that Congressional leadership will have to deal with to get anything done.  I believe your vote would be wasted on a Republican who will be in the minority and won't accomplish anything.  But I respect your choice either way!

Where can I contribute?

At this time, I would rather you contribute toward relief efforts for COVID-19 victims and spend money in your community at local businesses that are suffering due to the current crisis.