Michigan's 10th Congressional District

About Our District

Michigan's 10th Congressional District covers all of St. Clair County, Lapeer County, Sanilac County, and Huron County, most of Tuscola County, and northern Macomb County.  It is one of the larger Congressional Districts in Michigan based on the number of square miles it covers.  It is currently represented by Congressman Paul Mitchell, who will be retiring this year. 

Much of our District is rural and includes family farms (the same way it did when my ancestors first settled here in the 1800s) and much larger agricultural operations.  There are more wind turbines in this District than anywhere else in the state.  Our District also includes numerous businesses that support Michigan's auto industry.  We have one of the longest freshwater coastlines in the country, as we are bounded on three sides by Lake Huron, the Saginaw Bay, the St. Clair River, and Lake St. Clair.  The great natural beauty of our District draws tens of thousands of tourists each summer.  We also are connected to Canada by the Bluewater Bridge, so transportation and trade are extremely important to our local economy.

A Federal court found that the 10th Congressional District was unconstitutionally gerrymandered in the redistricting after the 2010 Census in order to split out Democratic voters into neighboring Congressional Districts and increase the chances that the 10th Congressional District would be won by a Republican.  This is part of the reason why the southwestern portion of Tuscola County, which includes a number of Democratic and Independent leaning union households, is improperly excluded from the District.